New Dimensions in Literature: Themes & Contents


The present book is a collection of research articles on diverse themes in literary texts. The articles contributed by academicians and researchers deal with multifarious outlooks in literature. The book contains following research articles. The very first article entitled, “Some Indian Influences on Allen Ginsberg’s Vision and Poetics” has been written by Dr. Shambhu Lal Verma. It presents the importance and influences of Indianness on the ideology and theme in the works of Allen Ginsberg. The second article has been written by Dr. U. Fathima Farzana with the title, “Embodied Virtuality in William Gibson’s Neuromancer”. It explores scientific elements in the works of William Gibson. The third article, “Refrigerated Cultures: An Ezekielien Tale” by Jithya Merin Paul, explores elements of Indian culture in Nissin Ezekiel’s works. The forth article, “Textual Interfaces: Navigating the Textual Mazes of Hypertext Fictions” has been written by Dr Anu S. It is remarkable to disclose some basic ideas of the concept of hypertext in fictional works. Minu V.’s “Posthuman Subject and Aesthetics of Posthuman Theatre: Analysis of Richard Jordan’s Machina” explores the elements of modernistic concerns in a contemporary play. The next article by Ms. Ambika Bhatnagar & Ms. Bhawna Tomar explores the concept of disability literature in general and particular. It is the seventh article entitled as “Interpreting Disability as Radical Vulnerability”. The article, “The ‘Other’ Women of Canada: Anglophone Canadian Literature and her Women of Colour” has been well explored by Dr. Swagata Bhattacharya. The eighth article, “New Dimensions of Blackness in Contemporary American Fiction” by Dr Nisha M is notable to point out conceptual and pragmatic concerns related to racial studies in American fictions. The next article, “Revisiting Holocaust: Memory in Contemporary Fiction” has been written by Ms. Bhawna Tomar & Ms. Ambika Bhatnagar. It presents some contemporary ethos related to modern literature. The tenth article, “Hope Rises Like a Phoenix from the Ashes of Shattered Dreams: A Study With Reference to Quest for Survival in Three Afro-American Fictions”, by Prof. Prajakta S. Raut presents the idea of existential study in Afro-American Fiction. Gayatri Anand explores “A Post-Critical (Re)turn to Syrian Aesthetics-With special reference to the authorship of Khaled Khalifa, Samar Yazbek and Nihad Sirees” in the eleventh article of the book. The article of Ravindra Hanmantrao Sagar is very remarkable to disclose “Power and Politics in the Plays of Vijay Tendulkar”. Hanna Isath N points out “The Threat of the East, Bais of the West, The Cry of the Migrants and Rising Islamophobia” with the help of literary instances. Aditi Ghosh presents a “Study of the tension between ending and closure in Beasts of No Nation by Uzodinma Iweala”. The last article by Dr. Annapoorna Iyer presents a study ofMulticulturalism and Heteronormative Responses to Populism in Eleanor Catton’s The Luminaries”.

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