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Eco-Poetics In World Literature


The anthology, Eco-aesthetics in World Literature is a collection of research articles carried out by academicians. The book envisions the aesthetics of ecological issues prevalent in the world and realized by sensible people. The articles give a composite message to understand and realize the importance, value and need of nature and the environment in our life.

The relationship between nature and literature has great value. It shows representations and relationships of literature with the environment and other parts of nature. In literary activities it has been known by several other terms e.g. Eco-poetics, Green Studies, Nature writing, Green Philosophy, Eco-ethics, Eco-philosophy and so many others. There are several similar branches of nature studies like Ecocriticism which are known as Eco-feminism, Eco-sophy, Eco-spirituality, Eco-linguistics etc.

The book contains the articles of Chayanika Roy’s “The Quest for Nirvana:  Reawakening Ecological Consciousness through Art/Literature”, Dr Amrita Das’Representing the aesthetic beauty of Nature through the eyes of the women characters in Rabindranath Tagore’s short stories”, Leo Lawrance James’Eco critical study on Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea”, Vidya Hariharan’sMobility, Transgression and Climate Change: An Eco-aesthetic and Geo-critical Approach to Amitav Ghosh’s Gun Island”, Yugeshwar Sah’s “Eco-Critical Concerns in the Poetry of Ted Hughes”, Maid Corbic’s “Eco-aesthetics in World Literature”, Ms. Madhu’s “Recalling Nature during Pandemic: A Tribute to William Wordsworth on his 251th Anniversary”, Dr Pranjali Kane’s “Nature as a metaphor in the selected poems of Ranjana Sharan Sinha”, Dr Ayanita Banerjee’sTagore’s Jibansmriti (My Reminiscences)-: An Ecocritical Perspective of ‘Natural Freedom’” and Dr Alok Chandra’sEco-aesthetic Dimensions in Robert Frost's "A Prayer in Spring".

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