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Exploration of Contemporary Ethos in Literary Texts

Ethos is the characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its attitudes and aspirations. Contemporary ethos is a kind of manifestation of different sorts of beliefs, faiths, ideas, feelings and spirit which always affect the culture and civilization of the community, society and country. Literature is a complex and multifaceted expression on diversified themes, subjects and beliefs in specified manner. Contemporary literature is full of motions and commotions. Various techniques, styles, themes, ideas and trends are evolving day by day. Racial enigmas, social-political visions, religious outlooks, economic conditions, cultural ideas, and different kinds of problems are the key concerns and trends of the contemporary literature. The present book is a collection of research articles written by academicians and researchers. Dr. Shruti Tripathi, Dr Sandhya Tripathi, Stephen Onimisi Ajinomoh, Dr Alok Chandra, Adeyemi Amos ADEGBOYEGA, A. Sumyirra, Imran Hasan, Dr. R. Chitra Shobana, Mrs. P. Priyadharshini, Abdul Muqeet, Amrita Das, and Dr Ajay Kumar have contributed their well-explored research articles for this book.
We thank all the reviewers who reviewed the articles according to the canons of recent trends in literature. We are also very thankful to all researchers and academicians who took interest and contributed their valuable research articles for the enrichment of the present book.

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